Project History

The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in the community of Absarokee.  The town has about 1,000 citizens but this is hard to determine since we are not incorporated so our city limits are anybody’s guess.  The town doesn’t have a city government but this doesn’t mean we don’t have a park, a swimming pool, an athletic field, a community center, and a little theater group.  Flowers and trees line our main street (Woodard Avenue).  Absarokee is home to a community sponsored Barbeque Cook-off, a Snowflake Festival, a community clean-up day, an Absarokee Days celebration and many other events usually found in a much larger community.  We have numerous organizations from the Absarokee Area Merchants Association and the Civic Club, Veterans organizations, the Stillwater Quilters and Knitters to the Scouting groups and 4-H clubs. All of these groups work hard to support our town.  Our Quick Draw Celebration every spring is put on by all volunteer help consisting of a musical show with all local talent, hot appetizers served by the students and an art auction that generated over $25,000.00 this year for a scholarship fund for the students.  More than 600 people attended the 20th anniversary show this year.  Not bad for a small community. 

Absarokee is home to 7 churches and all of them have very active congregations and the social activities associated with this membership.  We also have a lot of Bridge and Pinochle players and a dedicated Bunko group.

The Stillwater Valley school systems are some of the best in the state with a very high percentage of our graduates moving on to post secondary education.  The students seem to learn that spirit of volunteering early in their lives and are willing to help out at the Stillwater Senior Center, serving meals at the dinner theaters put on by the Old Stone Players, giving a day to the community clean-up and cleaning garbage off of the road ways.  The community returns this support by turning out for the sporting events, musical concerts, Drama Club presentations and fund raisers put on by the students.  This is life like it used to be. 

Crow Chief Meadows Subdivision is located just 3 ½ miles from this busy little town in south central Montana.  We are on a well-maintained roadway with only ¾ mile that isn’t paved highway.  It is a rural subdivision with open vistas and very low density on the homes. Our homeowners range from young families to retired seniors and the houses are a mix of smaller 1400 sq ft homes to 4,000 sq ft luxury homes.  There are covenants in place regarding the type and size of the home, location on the property to prevent obstruction of someone’s view, color and type of siding and roofing, out-buildings and landscaping.  Most of these covenants are just asking you to be a good neighbor with regard to pet control, vehicle storage, weed control, property maintenance, etc. 

Every effort is made to encourage phone calls or personal contact with the subdivision owners to prevent problems from developing.  We have a very high percentage of resident landowners in attendance at our Homeowner’s Association meetings and a willingness to volunteer to serve on committees to make Crow Chief Meadows everything they were looking for when they purchased their property.   We are more than willing to finance your lot with 20% down and 6 1/2% on contract for deed.

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