These covenants are designed to protect and enhance the comfort, esthetic value and peace of mind of every homeowner. This approach makes sure that the privacy, serenity and panoramic views you enjoy today will be there for years to come, assuring harmony and enduring value for the entire community.

  1. Membership in the Crow Chief Meadows Homeowners Association is composed of all owners with the exception of the property owners in the 5 lot Borland Minor Subdivision.
  2. Association dues are paid annually, $125.00 for a unimproved lot and $200.00 for a improved lot.
  3. Association funds are used for the general maintenance and upkeep of the common elements, including road and park maintenance, weed management, signage, and snow removal on interior roads.
  4. Individual home sites may not be further subdivided. Home sites may contain up to one single family dwelling, one guesthouse, and one storage building. Guesthouses are for occasional occupancy only and can not be permanently occupied. All houses must contain at least 1,375 sq. ft. on one level and must have a minimum of a 20' x 20' attached garage.
  5. There is no time frame for construction to begin, however once construction commences the exterior of the building must be completed within 12 months.
  6. Small home businesses are permitted. Such businesses shall not change the residential character of the home and shall not increase traffic or infringe upon the right of the neighboring residents to enjoy the peaceful occupancy of their homes.
  7. Dogs and other domestic pets must be kept under control by appropriate means. Horses and certain other specified animals are allowed on lots over 5 acres in size. Hunting or the discharge of any firearm is not permitted on any portion of the subdivision.
  8. Owners are responsible for the control of noxious weeds on their property.
  9. All initial construction or improvements made to an existing structure are subject to an architectural review committee.
  10. Modular homes are allowed on the property but only those meeting a strict criteria and passing architectural review by the Homeowner's Association Board.
  11. All underground telephone and electrical service is to the lots. Interior lot utility line installation is at the expense of the lot owner. Water well drilling and sewer system installation is at the expense of the lot owner. All lots are approved by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for a three bedroom home. Any increase in dwelling size or the addition of a guesthouse requires a permit from the DEQ at the lot owner's expense. Copies of well logs and water analysis reports are available upon request. Wells average 25 gallons per minute.

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