There is no country like "Crow country." Arapooish, Chief of the Crow Indians

Crow Chief Meadows Subdivision is located just 3 ½ miles from this busy little town in south central Montana. Since the late 1800's Absarokee has been known as The Best Little Town in Montana. We are on a well-maintained roadway with only ¾ mile that isn’t paved highway.  It is a rural subdivision with open vistas and very low density on the homes. Our homeowners range from young families to retired seniors and the houses are a mix of smaller 1400 sq ft homes to 4,000 sq ft luxury homes.  There are covenants in place regarding the type and size of the home, location on the property to prevent obstruction of someone’s view, color and type of siding and roofing, out-buildings and landscaping.  Most of these covenants are just asking you to be a good neighbor with regard to pet control, vehicle storage, weed control, property maintenance, etc. "We Guarantee Water" Learn More >


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